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The Wayne Township National Road Revitalization is a joint effort sponsored by the Greater Garden City Civic Association, Inc. and the 40 West Professional & Business Club.  Todd Scoggins Architecture & Design is pleased to serve as the design consultant with this important effort.  The main objectives of the effort are to provide safer pedestrian routes along streetscapes and intersections; to connect local schools, churches, and neighborhoods; to improve traffic flows in and out of the businesses and homes on US 40; and to provide a better environment overall for the existing businesses to thrive and for new businesses to invest in the district.  The Sponsors are seeking the support of interested persons and organizations.

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Letters of Support are Needed

The Sponsors are submitting an application for a Transportation Enhancement grant to fund the project (see below).  Letters of support from individuals, businesses, community leaders, and organizations are vital in the application process.  Click the link at left to visit the Letters of Support page. 


Public Input & Information

The Sponsors and the Design Consultant have presented the project to the public in several forums.  Public input has been gathered in each setting.  This information has been key to the development of proposed design solutions.  To review feedback gathered in Public Input sessions, to view the Powerpoint presentation, or to send comments to the Sponsors click the link at left (Public Input & Information).


What is the National Road?

Below are links to sites with information about the nation's first Federal highway.

Indiana National Road Association >

The Richmond Visitors Center >

America's Byways >

County History >


How will the Revitalization Effort be funded?

The Sponsors are pursuing federal funding by way of a Transportation Enhancement (TE) grant.  The Sponsors submitted an application for State funding to support this project.  The application is now available online.  Click to download the application.


What area is proposed for the Wayne Township National Road Revitalization?

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The Sponsors

The Wayne Township National Road Revitalization effort is jointly sponsored by two local community organizations.

The Greater Garden City Civic Association, Inc. (primary sponsor) is an association of neighborhoods in and around the National Road (Washington Street) on Indy's west side.

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The 40 West Professional & Business Club (co-sponsor) is an association of business owners, residents, and leaders with an interest in US 40 (National Road) on Indy's west side.  These two sponsors and their respective districts share a common interest in the revitalization of Indy's strategic west side.


Links to Other Projects

Below are links to other projects or initiatives that are currently in progress and will have an affect on the community within the Wayne Township National Road district.  These projects are not associated with the Wayne Township National Road Revitalization effort, but are separate projects of which residents in the area should be informed and involved.

The National Road Heritage Trail

Accelerate 465 - INDOT

Westside Corridor - INDOT

Eagle Creek Trail - Indy Greenways

B&O Trail - Indiana Trails


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